Are men victims of obnoxious feminism?

Interesting article in light of what happened to the two british sky sports presenters this week. They were caught off camera taking the mickey out of the female linesman, and basically it seems they dont want women in football and dont think there clever enough to cope. They are indeed dinosaurs and thankfully men like them are dying out though there is sadly still many like them

 What great is women will continue to eat into areas once seen as male and will not care if they upset the ones stuck in the past, they will drag us screaming into the new order imo, and many many younger (and older) men have no problems accepting this. To be honest its to late now to turn back the clock any way to a time when men worked and women stayed at home, guys like keys and gray will never get used to women in power or in a place they dont think women should be, great they are being laughed at and left in the past while women and many men just move on

 This is what women think of these kind of men

More and more women are seeing that the old male ways of doint things are pretty much useless,  a strong arm, loving domiance and  kind but forceful guidence is the way to over come any troublesome male

A young woman is to be respected

Men should never stare at her, when she looks at them, and woe betide them if she catches them staring at her bottom. A woman can wear what she wants, and men have to accept it.

The new elite.............Female

Say good bye to the old boys network, meet the future and the new and improved young and middle aged female sisterhood

Young women care little for males previous rule

Truly they do not care about how men used to run the world, most go out of there way to rub in the fact they are now taking over, and many times you will see younger better educated women, faster thinking and of course still having the feminine wiles that makes men go weak at the knees, really giving it to older out of date only able to think on one problem at a time male haha

Meet the new boss

Meet the new boss, nothing like the old out of date male boss, these women have come flooding out of university highly educated and set to stun the workplace, confident and with the skills needed to suceed. Or the older female who has come through the end of the male dominated workplace era, they have had to be tough to survive the sexist males on the way up, once they had to just grin and bare there crude jokes, or wandering hands.......well pay back is gonna be a bitch lol

Spanking Competition with Riley and Amaya

"Riley and Amaya both have things to do socially, but have been ordered to do chores for the sorority. Head Sorority Girl Roxy says one girl can get out of the chores - after the girls spank each other over and over until one gives up. The two go at it with everything they can find, even the pledge paddle. The winner gets to leave on her date while the loser does chores with a sore bottom."

Farewell Miss Clare

I'm breaking into my Rooms series briefly to post a photo set from Clare Fonda's last ever screen shoot. I love Clare Fonda as a Domme and even as a sub. She's made the decision to retire from the screen and she will be greatly missed. This was how she welcomed in the New Year with Snow Mercy and her friend Kay. The shots are from My Spanking Roommate. Please enjoy and treasure.

Unfortunately we don't get to see the regally beautiful Snow Mercy over Clare's lap, but that last shot is amazing. Clare wincing as she is draped over the two laps while Snow reddens her backside with a hairbrush and the nude Kay attacks the other cheek with her hand.

Women cant be strong ? haha

The men tried for ages to slow down women by telling them they would injure themselves if they lifted to much, or ran to far, the men in the past knew full well once the gates were opened, it would be men who could not compete and it terrified them,

Meet the coming decades new amazon women, born to rule and not caring what men think they can or cant do

With this i will rule

This is so true, they have allways had it, but now combine the stunning female form, with real power in the work place, education and the home, and the end game is not far of in the west

Slave for a Day

"Two students make a bet: whoever gets a higher mark in their next essay gets whatever they want for a day. When Nimue wins she decides to make Sebastian her slave for 24 hours. She's going to enjoy this..."


"Sarah is all upset that her mom made her break up with her boyfriend because he is "bad news." When mom comes in to comfort sad Sarah, she is confronted by a bad attitude and being called a BITCH. Sarah learns that hard way that she is allowed to be upset, but she is not allowed to call her mother names and yell at her. (This was shot when Sarah was still a red head, for those of you who were fans of her hair then)."

Clare Fonda's New Year's Farewell Spanking

"In Clare Fonda's last ever spanking scene, she is moving out of the complex and her long time friends Kay and Snow Mercy give her a New Year's toast - and they end up toatsing each other's buns rosy red with hand and hairbrush. They all went hard with that "last is the hardest" mentality."

Anikka Abrite

"Anikka Abrite is a blonde cutie known for her curvy bottom. She was spanked often by her step father and we re-enacted one of those spankings. She also spanked her younger sister, which we recreate with the assistance of Ashley Rose. We also re-enacted one of her birthday spankings (featuring Ashley and Kay Richards)."

Zara Spankers

"Another young lady gets to meet Uncle Paul the pyjama spanking club boss. The very lovely Zara finds herself over his knee and I am not sure that uncle Paul was too happy with her choice of shorty pyjamas, him being a more traditional PJ man. In any case he gave this young lady a real hard spanking with his large horny hand both on the pants of her PJ's and on her delectable bare bottom. He certainly knows how to make a girls cheeks a bright shade of red."