Telling off

I've just seen that I've been told off. It was my own fault. Still, it means I feel like making a blog.

Done All Your Shopping Yet?

Na! Me neither. Just wanted to say that I had a plan. That's all I've got, so far, mind - my plan. :-))

Hope you like this latest batch.

This last one is a bit off topic, with no mention of chastity. However, in my mind the photographer is obviously wearing a chastity device of some kind. After this little incident, just think of all the extra chastity time he'll get.

If Ever I Need to Escape

I had plans to blog more and resurrect my second blog. Busy times, for all sorts of off-topic reasons. Anyway, enjoy the as complete an escape as I can make right now...

I'm not sure, but I think this is the awesome Miss Kitsch.

Celebrating Failure

In the UK the 5th of November is celebrated as Guy Fawkes Night with fireworks. It is to celebrate a Spanish Catholic failing to destroy The House Of Lords in 1605. Guy's effigy is placed on bonfires at the centre of these celebrations. I've always wondered that if we were celebrating a success, wouldn't the day be called Parliament's Day?

Only we British seem to celebrate failure. My home is a strange land.

Anyway, enjoy the uncertainties...


I've just seen the statistics on my page views. It's over a thousand a day! Well, you know the old saying? - There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. Not quite sure what to make of all this attention. So, just a thank you for those of you that stop by.

Anyway, it's Autumn. Time to remind ourselves that Summer wasn't that long ago, right? How many of you had a chastity holiday? (You lucky bar-stewards!) Enjoy the swimsuits...