Thinking About Holidays

Ooops, been a while between posts. Sorry. 81 followers? Must be doing something right, though!

I feel sorry for the people stranded when their tour operator went bust. In my perfect fantasy world they should've flown Chastity Airlines...

Then once you arrive, the fun begins...

Excuse Me, I'm Ranting

How many of us can separate the point of the rant from it's volume? Just because someone has lost their temper, does that mean that their point is invalidated?

I think wisdom is generally in short supply. One of my favourite cartoon books has an ordinary guy say, "May God grant me the strength to change the things I can, the wisdom to recognise the things I can't, and a red Ferrari."

I think that the opposite is also true. Someone telling the most outrageous lies will be believed, if they say it calmly and with sincerity. - 'cause no one can fake sincerity, right?

Moving onto the kinky stuff: I prefer my mistresses to look dangerous, but not be dangerous. I also like them to not loose their tempers. I think I've said this before: She might punish you, but she's never angry with you. It's the only way to remain safe, sane and consensual.

How many of us can say we also apply this principal to outside BDSM?

Statistics of Monthly Blogs

Looking at the number of posts over the months of this year, it looks like I'm getting lazy. I'm not - honest! I'm just putting more captions in one post. I think it's because I've already touched on so many of the subjects before. I don't think I used an index, so the topics are hard to find, now. No substitute for planning! We are all geniuses in hind-sight. Oh, well. Enjoy this eclectic collection of captions.

Return To The "She's Sub, Too" Theme

I was surfing some self-bondage sites, and came across a video of Lore Lee, (of Bedroom Bondage fame). This particular story involved the lady's obsession with tying herself up. (Also lessons in how to make sure you can escape, when you're on your own. - She kept needing to be let free! - SAFE, sane & consensual still applies!)

Not one to skip admiring a good obsession, I was struck at how difficult it must be when a couple finally realise what they like the best, but discover that they're more alike than they perhaps want to be. That is to say: they discover that they're both submissive. Needless to say a great deal of compromise may seem the only answer. Not ideal.

I hope these captions offer some inspiration for submissive guys to realise what energy goes into playing these games. I also hope submissive gals are inspired to use their submissiveness in the game.

Finally, how about this enterprising young lady. I'd love to play out her solution...

Comfortably Numb

H-E-L-L-O, Hello, hello...
Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone at home?

Yes, I'm a big Pink Floyd fan. So what's the point of this one? Well... I've noticed that I've got 73 followers, today. 73! My Google map has stopped working, as I think there are too many visitors to be displayed, now. And yet... most of the comments I get are about the captions, but not the posts.

Okay, I love getting comments. Please keep making them. But it's only rare that I get a comment to do with the blog. Do I come across as a Preacher? - So you just don't say, "That was from John 1:19, not the other place. Go read it again." I know this is my rant/therapy medium, but you can add your 2c, too. If it's that bad I'll just delete it! :-))

I think it's the greatest flaw, in man, that we can't actually feel one another's pain. (For a start there would be a lot less war, if we could.) But on the rare occasion I do touch a subject that is close to your heart, please add a comment.

Time for more Pink Floyd, I feel:

Every year is getting shorter
Never seem to find the time
Plans that either come to naught
Or half a page of scibbled lines

Now that I've completely depressed you, how about some nice captions?

P.S. My thanks to Roger, David & the boys for all the great music over the years, especially including the ones quoted above.

Illusion Of Innocence

I've always found a pretty girl that looks innocent, but obviously isn't, a huge turn-on. Maybe I just want to go back to a time when my stress levels were less? Watch out for those halos that slip a little.

How Masochistic Are You?

Would it turn you on to imagine being the slave of a slave? I suppose love knows no bounds, so if your lady love was herself sub, and in love with a Domme, would you still want to be with her?

It would obviously depend on the person, but hell yeah! Wow, you'd never get unlocked! Great fun.

Where Do You Go To Learn This Stuff?

Generally most of my generation learned about sex in the school yard. As a teenager, the rumours, speculations and the fantastical are laughable, now. Then? Who knew?

Now? Well, the web suddenly doesn't seem so bad, even with all the porn. Or does it? A new trend, (reported in the media - so feel free to treat as fiction), describes teenagers in their first relationships treating each other like porn stars, as that is the only role-model they've had. I can well imagine some examples of this, but I'm not sure how commonplace this is.

When I were a lad, (sitting comfortably?), I got hold of some collected letters from Forum Magazine, in paperback. Of course I went straight for the kinky, fetish, bondage, spanking and my favourite... femdom and chastity letters. But once I'd read those a few times, (& improved my eyesight - grin!), I started to read some of the other letters on more serious relationship issues. I hope I learned something. I definitely felt I was ahead of my peers, at the time. The general rule about girls maturing faster than boys was never my experience. I often think of my teenage loves, and wonder what they're up to today.

So, what are you into? (Apart from chastity, as you wouldn't be reading this blog.) And more importantly, how long did it take you to realise it?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a school course, tacked onto the end of your education, that could better prepare you for life with a partner? Would there be fewer divorces. I think there would. Anyway, the fantasy...

Runaway Train

I've noticed that comments on this and other blogs are more favourable when the captions describe very mean keyholders. I guess the submissive voice, (usually silent. Gagged, perhaps?), has spoken? I find the notion that the guy is the instigator of his own teasing is very hot. Hope you like these?

Stop Wanking - This Is A Chastity Blog!

Stop that! Yes, you. Stop wanking. You're reading a chastity blog, so have a little restraint. Well, actually, have a lot of restraint. So, wanking over chastity fantasies, eh? Well, well, that's a bit of a paradox. So you like paradoxes? ...

The old Sci-Fi time travel paradox, of going back in time to kill your grandfather, so you'd never get born. Who is it then that goes back in time to do the murder?

Back on theme... So you go back in time to stop yourself cuming, last Tuesday. Tease & denial - great! Then you come forward in time to when you left. Do you remember the orgasm?

Have you stopped wanking, yet?

I bet none of you stopped. Can't have it both ways, or can you?