Life's Little Cruelties

Been a while since I posted. Sorry. Had a lot to deal with, lately.

I don't know about you, but given the choice between a long drawn out emotional turnoil or a fast, jolly good hiding, I'd take the hiding every time. Of course, being a masochist helps with that decision! Putting that aside for one moment, do you like the plaster (bandaid) removed fast or slow?
This one is slow:

This one is fast:

And this one is a nice rest in the garden, when you're quite finished!

P.S. This lovely lady is Nina Birch. She has her own web site, and appears on English Mansion. Check her out - well worth the surf.

The Guru Has Followers - Lots of Them!

I'm amazed that the follower count has reached 44. Thank you, all. I'm trying not to get bigheaded about it. The best way to keep me grounded is to look at the comments. (Again, thank you for taking the time to post your comments.) I think they mainly centre on the captions. So, it's an endorphin thing! That's okay. I don't mind. These little rambles are part of my therapy, so no obligation...

It's been a while since I posted a picture of the delectable Tigerr Benson. My heart would certainly want to pound out of my chest, if she said this to me:

You might hear this, if you didn't make your fantasies clear. Communication; it makes all the difference!

Mixed Metephors

There are a number of things I like, but I go through phases. I also like a combination, sometimes. For example:
I like spanking, and curvy ladies. I think this lovely lady would have a strong arm, don't you?

I like oriental ladies, and one of my favourite books is Venus In Furs.

I love corsets on a lady, and the School Mistress fantasy is very attractive.

Of course there are consistant themes to my fantasies, but I think even the most obsessive compulsive needs a little change, now and again. Mix it up. Don't fear the fantasy.

So Used To The Stars

I would've thought that I'd attract a few more comments about star signs. Is everyone so used to ignoring how they react in different circumstances, or how the people they know react differently in those same circumstances that it hardly registers? Is everyone so much better than I at working with these different styles, that it hardly warrents a mention? Just curious.

If I knew then what I know now, my girlfriends would've had a much better time! Taurean, remember? Bull in a china shop, but lovable with it? Experts at saying sorry - and being forgiven!

Sometimes I wish I could be more objective. I do have a tendency to take things personally. Perhaps I need to encourage my inner voyeur?

Who's In Charge?

Those new to power exchange would be forgiven for thinking the Domme is in charge. If we exclude everything that's not safe, sane and consensual, we're left with something really rather beautiful. - Communication on an entirely new level. This is empathy.

At the start of the process there is the negociation. The establishment of soft and hard limits. (Soft limit? These are: I don't really like this, but if you do, I'll do it. But not too much, please. Hard limit? I really don't like this. You do this, I'm not playing with you, ever again.) You can see very quickly that the submissive is laying down the groundwork. Also, the safe-word is used by the submissive, not the Domme. Again, it's the sub that can instantly stop play. For things to remain safe, sane & consensual, this is how it must be.

When a couple have been playing for a while, and they know eachother very well, play can get a little more experimental. Soft limits can get pushed; gently ! Encouraging the sub to do things could all be part of the play.

You Are Not Alone

I think this is my favourite aspect of the Internet: proof that we're not alone in our proclivities.

Some like wife-swapping, (or husband-swapping)!

Some hire a professional.

To some it's a laugh, and just a bit of harmless fun, with friends.

Some like things a little more intence.

Some just like some help.

But what it comes down to is, we're not alone.

A Game For Two Submissives

More people are submissive than dominant, sexually. Well researched fact - honest. I think the ratio is in favour of the dommes at three to one. (This one is from memory. Since I'm getting on in years, I could be mistaken!) So, what to do?

Those of you familiar with my blog will know I like oriental ladies. These pictures caught my eye. I like the lady, but she is obviously sub! What is a sub to do? Fantasy provides the answer...

Fetish Kimmy Oh My!

Been a silent fan for a while, now. I first came across her on YouTube. Sadly the small images were a bit poor, but I could tell that the lady had a lovely sense of humour and loved all the stuff I did: black and shiny, with the occasional colour thrown in for contrast. I especially love the corsets, which have such a dramatic and lovely effect.

The onlt small thing is, I prefer stilleto heeled boots and shoes, rather than the platforms. But I know how hard these are to walk in, and can understand why the lady has more platform soles in her collection. Still, she does have one pair of mid-calf heels that I would love to see more of. (hint!)

There is a big thing in this country at the moment about obesity. My own view is: yes, there are health risks for BBWs. There are some people more at risk than others, which is purely down to genetics. However, if the lady remains healthy, then there is no need to panic and get a gastric band or worse. I would remind everyone that the second 'B' stands for 'beautiful'. Anyway, I wish Kimmy continued good health, and hope she knows that there is a crowd of us who like soft as opposed to sharp.

Still With The BBW Theme

This lovely lady looks so soft! I like the contrast to playing a dangerous game with the chastity key. I think this falls under the heading 'don't try this at home'! Ah, but in the fantasy...

Another BBW Phase

I must admit I seem to be going through a BBW phase at the moment. Absolutely no idea why, along with everything else I like. Well, I bet you can tell me your favourite colour, but then tell me why. Ha!

A Story By Throne


I'm honoured that my captions have inspired you to write a story, and dedicated it to me! (blush). Thank you. I also greatly enjoyed the story.
You can read it on Altarboy's site at: Sweet Asian Bride, by Throne
Dare I ask when your next story will be published? Thanks again. Here's a caption along similar lines. Hope you enjoy.

Concerned About Me?

I'd like to thank everyone that posted a kind comment, during my absence. They all meant a great deal to me. A heart felt thank you.

All is right with the world - well, not quite, there's a general election coming up and the accompanying madness is in the air. Anyway, soon be over. Then we can go back to normal; being lied to by our politicians and officials. I'm with Billy Connolly, "Don't vote, it only encourages them." I'm never sure what is worse, a politician you can't trust or one you do? Enough of this. No political comments please. Just my rant. - Not interested in anybody elses politics.

Anyway back to my therapy, and by the number of followers I seem to have accumulated, yours as well. Naturally enough the theme is 'Concern'.

Will It End In Tears

In this world of ever-increasing thrills, one has to ask, "Where will it end?" I think life used to be less stressful years ago, because expectations were lower. Once you have what you've worked for, will you stop? Will you be happy with your lot? If the advertisers are to be believed: no. The same is true for the highs of love.

The imagination can go anywhere. You can relive the highs in so many different ways, but in reality some fantasies can only be done once. In you head is safer that outside. But don't let that stop you from sharing. It's not stopped me...

Orientals Also Come in Large

I'm ever so glad that oriental ladies also come in 'large'. Perhaps by BBW standards this lady is mearly 'curvy'? Still, I like a women with surprises...

Every Last Fantasy

I see poor communication where ever I look. It's a shame that more couples can't share their inner most thoughts. Sometimes it just has to be beaten out of you!