Naughty Pie

Every year I try to win the annual pie baking contest at the fair. Every year it eludes me. But, somehow this year I won it! Still, it wasn't all lollipops and roses. Something about my pie was...different. Upon returning home, I discovered what it was. I hadn't asked for Sophie's help with my recipe. Especially not the kind of help she provided from Good Spanking!

Disipline in the new female dominated west

As women are taking over society in the western world more and more young women are finding out it is indeed there right to bend over there knees there boyfriends. Also female managers will not accept any shoddy work from there male workers and this is the sight you will see more and more in all manner of areas

Piper - Disqualification

Piper is disqualified and not allowed to continue participating in the tennis match after she gives the finger to the umpire. The fiery red head's poor judgement continues in the locker room when she flips off Veronica too! Veronica's response is even stronger than the umpire's as she applies a wooden hairbrush to the bratty girl's backside from Punished Brats.

Younger female bosses with older male workers

One thing i am seeing a lot, is that many younger women are leaving
university with degrees and then going of into middle management and
straight away being placed over the heads of men who may have been at
the job for many years, this also apply s to women to, but for many men
and defiantly for the older men this is still very hard for there ego
to take in.

marriage counseling

Cartoons have always been a way to bring humor to the idea of spanking, and allow persons to enjoy the concept, without alerting others to their fascination with spanking.

The First cartoon seems to be a way for a woman to innocently try to entice her husband to spank her. The pleasure is evident, and many spanko woman such as Hermione would love the idea.Of course, there are men who also enjoy being spanked, so a drawing for them is also appropriate. However, just like the fantasy of smiling while being spanked, this one has the man being spanked by a voluptuous woman.

The idea of the hairbrush adds greater strength to the spanking.lastly, the idea of spanking being a reasonable method to solving a problem of behavior has always been with us in cartoons.

Female future

We are entering the Age of the Female, when women will dominate at all levels of
society, be the main breadwinners, dominate in political life, and be recognised
as undisputed Head of the Household, and all for the better, I would say

Meet the future


The sheer power of a female...........

......Can stop a man in his tracks in awe

No mans land

 While the men stay in the kitchen, the women run the economy and every day work place

Future Female Dominated society

Some of this could well come true the way its going





The amazons are coming back

We are seeing more and more women getting stronger and fitter in gyms and sport, males on the other hand seem to be getting lazier and weaker.

Court appointed Spanking - 2030

Court appointed Spanking - 2030

 The young male gritted his teeth for all his worth, his face was now bright red through a mixture of fear, pain and embarrassment. For the last few minutes he had been pleading for the person inflicting the pain to stop, but alas it was all falling on stony ground. He felt another hard swipe of the hand on his bare behind and let out a shrill cry of agony, he was also aware he had began to cry. At first he had held back, but by the time he had lost count of the number of slaps to his bottom the tears came in floods

"OOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW, PLEASE MISS, PLEASE STOP!!" He blurted out in a high pitch voice, choked on his tears and shortness of breath

 For the young woman applying the increasingly hard slaps to his backside, the fact he was now begging for her to stop, combined with his tears, AND the fact she could see from her postion his whole backside was now very red and sore looking, was pretty much obvious she had broken him, though of course it did not mean she would now stop

"Ah ah please miss, please stop i cant take it any more ahhhhhhhhh" he screamed as she yet again increased the force of her spanks

 Inside the white walled room were seven women and one male, the male that of the young man bent over the young ladys knee. Beside the two involved in the spanking were the other five women

 Two of them wore uniforms of the government discipline unit. One was very young maybe no more then twenty, her hair up in a tight bun and wearing the uniform of the GDU which consisted of blue blouse and black skirt and shoes (they were meant to be fairly flat, but many younger women pushed the rules a bit to far maybe for some of the more traditionalists), she was concentrating hard as she looked on at the scene.

 The other officer was a Sgt in the GDU, around 40 years old, she looked on with less interest, she was used to the scene, and viewed it with more like job satisfaction and necessary. She would admit if really pushed mind that the scene very much excited her, and that in her opinion the majority of young men deserved nothing less, and should recieve regular spanking from females. She was pleased to note that these days that was happening more and more both in the home and work place.

 Two of the other women wore smart business clothing, one of them was the court lawyer who was there to make sure the punishment ordered was carried out, she was a young woman who wore glasses and made notes as she watched. For her it was all going through as it should be and she was making sure her report showed this. Janet placid was the punishment centers senior officer for the day, the warden was down london on "business" though janet smiled about this as she knew full well she was with her girlfriends out on the town and having a wail of a time all of course paid for by the government. Janet was only 25 and had risen very high all ready, she had joined the GDU straight from university as a officer cadet, and inside a few years was one of the senior officers in one of the many punishment centers doted all round the uk.

 With her to the side was the teenage girl (19) who had taking the now crying and shaking male to court on the charge of assult. Of course he had little chance to defend himself on such a charge, and in the rather quick arrest and then court the stunned man had been sentenced to 4 months in a government run punishment center and was to revive in full view of the woman he had attacked 300 hard spanks. He had nearly collapsed when the woman judge had carried out the judgment and was led away in a complete daze.

 Now a month into his sentence the day had come for his punishment and for the young lady finally a chance to receive justice. Janet had looked in to the case and had seen they used to be lovers, but like many men he had fallen behind in his drive to achieve something with his life. He was currently unemployed and had got himself into a few minor scarps with the law. Mean while his girlfriend had got into university and was being fast tracked to a job in the government. In the end she had dumped him, he was not even viewed as a decent candidate for the role as a house husband, something that had exploded by 2030, as women held the majority of the power in society.

 Boys had falling out of education in a bad way, so the increasingly fed up and hard line female law makers and government, decided enough was enough. Courses were now mandatory for boys in basic stuff that would help them in life and also more importantly to help there girlfriends and wife's. Cooking and home making courses were full of young uneducated men who had to finish them or not be able to receive any financial help from the government. In the end it worked very well and the boys had to knuckle down and realize the world had changed and they had simply been left behind

 Crime with gangs of young men was something that was really hit on hard , the prime minister Lisa bannister and her female law makers at first in private, but soon very public set up discipline units and centres to staff them, and even many times now turn up on a way ward hubbies door step to carry out any punishment if the wife or girlfriend decided they needed it.

Crime with rogue young males was still a problem, but new and regular dawn raids on there homes, the use of medical drugs to take away the levels of aggression in them, combined with naming and shaming them and there family's, education all the way through there schooling that women were now to be respected and were the new leaders and would not accept problems from males, and of course the re issue of REAL punishment and not the wishy washy policy's of the now defunct and in the main male leadership of the past few decades, all of this had the effect to be really starting to work

                                                      Women are increasingly using spanking over there knees and a leg to lock the male down as punishment to show the male what there future is if they step out of line

This is the time for the black female to shine

Payback against the white males who treated black women like scum for so long is at hand. Women dominate the education and exam results, at the forefront of his is black women, who are going to become a very powerful force in the new feminist dominated future. White men will have to pay for the sins of there forefathers